40 Merc Conv. Justin’s Custom


IMG_0527This was a great original 1940 Convertible Merc.  But lets see it turn in to a great Custom Ride.




So you’ve been able to see alot of the parts as they were and we’re getting ready to start the fab work on the new console and do fab work on the dash so that it all flows together.IMG_0676IMG_0677IMG_0735IMG_0734IMG_0661


Justin & Nancy own this great ride and we were going over things with them.  Thought you would like to see the faces behind this nice ride.IMG_0675



We are done here for now, Let’s see what’s going on with the body work.IMG_0532IMG_0533IMG_0804


We are starting to aline the doors.IMG_0805IMG_0736IMG_0806IMG_0745







Lets look it over and decide what we need to do with the inside of the doors to make sure the windows will work.




Looking good.  It looks like every thing is coming together here.

So let’s remove the dash and console and do a little body work on them and get them in some primer.IMG_1706IMG_1707IMG_1708IMG_1709


Next will be watching the third brake light being fabbed into the back of the car.


So lets watch the back of the car change by putting in a

third brake light.IMG_1182IMG_1196IMG_1202IMG_1203







We are going to start with the hood.  It will go from stock to custom.  Turns out great.














It’s coming along but we have a ways to go, so let watch it.IMG_1489IMG_1490IMG_1492IMG_1493IMG_1498IMG_1499


I’m out of here for the day.  Hope you enjoyed what we got done and we’ll move on to something else next time.