Barb’s 30 Model A

We’ll take you through the build of this great car.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we have building it…IMG_9127IMG_9128IMG_9129IMG_9130IMG_9131IMG_9133IMG_9134IMG_9137IMG_9138IMG_9179

As you can see it’s now time to start fixing the areas that had some cancer.  It’s always great watching old turn in to new.  IMG_9180IMG_9181

The problems have been found and now the body work starts.IMG_9182IMG_9183IMG_9463IMG_9464IMG_9826IMG_9827IMG_9828

Body work is coming long great and we are getting ready to do the finial fit before we paint the car.  Looking great.

Sorry I missed a few days and that was when the car was in the booth getting painted. But here are a few pics of some parts still hanging out, before going on the car.IMG_0033IMG_0035

next step is to start putting her back together.  It’s been a fun car and the own is a great lady and can’t wait to have it going down the road.  She and her husband have had this car for 30 years.  How cool will it be when it’s done.IMG_0271IMG_0272IMG_0273IMG_0275IMG_0307

The day we started the eng. the owner brought in  champagne.

It was a great day……IMG_0364IMG_0879IMG_0882


Upholstery done by Topline.   Great job thanks  Carlos.

IMG_0886IMG_0887IMG_0882Finished car…. Looking great

Next will be of the first Car Show in Scottsdale

Thanks for going through this car with us.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Watch for our next one coming up next.IMG_0891